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Reviews of books on the subject of politics.

    Book Review - Why They Stay by Anne Michaud

    Poignant Look at Modern Political Marriages

    The truth hurts and nobody cares.

    4.5* An absolute eye opener!

    A look at our government/problems from author who lived under socialist rule

    "Boom! A Revolting Situation" byThomas Harryis a tough-minded, eye-opening appraisal of American Democracy that highlights serious lack of choice in today's political arena. Party identification is unraveling. Nothing has yet developed to fill this void. THe result: millions of political Independents. "Boom!" clarifies the primary historical (and on-going) antagoism in American politics and identifies what may well be the political objective of Independents. It then walks its readers through how this plurality of political orphans might achieve this goals. It's an option that doesn't rely on the failed ideological approach of today's duopoly.

    Review of 2012: Day of Reckoning 2012: Day of Reckoning Author: Daniel J. Gansle Publisher: Infinity Publishing ISBN: 978-0-7414-5695-8

    Let's Play Ball

    Political scandal wrapped up in a nations past time, Let’s Play Ball is an intriguing story of sisterhood; friendship and scandal that will make you doubt every relationship. Miranda and Jessica are ambitious, successful sisters that have grown up loving baseball. Miranda, who is married, has an important government job with homeland security, a nice home and a prominent lawyer husband. Her sister Jessica is outspoken, unconventional and a sports writer, who has built her career based on her instincts and investigative journalism. She owns her own publication “Let’s Play Ball”. Her first renowned article was about her soon to be husband Manny Chavez. Manny is a baseball star that traveled to Cuba to retrieve his abducted son and bring him home. When Jessica invites her family to join her in the luxury suite to watch Manny’s championship game, no one is prepared for the events about to transpire. Manny is abducted after the game and held hostage in Cuba. Jessie trusts no one. While struggling with her own marriage and issues, corporate greed and international politics throw Miranda into a world unlike any she has ever known. The book highlights the sisters relationship along with their ambitions in the midst of international conflict, immigration issues and a nations past time. Let’s Play ball will keep you wondering who can be trusted and will justice prevail? I enjoyed this book; however I felt parts of it were a little slow, especially in the middle. It was easy to be wrapped up in the book while major events were taking place. It wasn’t as easy to keep interested during the moments of speculation, where the characters were trying to figure out what exactly had happened, along with who let it happen, with nothing but gut and speculation. I feel this book is very similar to what takes place in most of today’s political scenes. The author did a great job with the story and its “likeness” to real life. I would classify this book as political fiction and recommend it to anyone who likes politics and sports. If you’re not into politics, the book is still a good read; you will just enjoy it differently.

    A unique book in its field, "The Gathering of the Clan" by author Thomas Richard Harry, is potentially explosive in its implications for America's two political parties. It clearly and decisevely highlights "the elephant in the room" that everyone, republicans and democrats alike; wants to walk around; wants to ignore; and minimizes as politically inconsequential as a political force. That elephant is political independents, the largest (potential) bloc of registered voters in America! Yet today, everyone recognizes that neither party can win an election without seducing enough of these forty- odd percent of voters, these politically homeless Americans, to vote their ticket. At election time, independents are wooed, and treated with respect, but at all other times, they are devoid of either political influence, or interest.

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