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Reviews of books dealing with literary fiction.

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    Book three in the Promised Valley series

    Intriguing story with incredibly memorable femme fatale

    Can be read any time of the year, not just at Christmas

    An excellent debut novel

    Another winner from Michael Baron

    A story set on Cape Cod that shows the clashes between the "haves" and "have-nots" while also embarking on a murder mystery


    Alice is overweight, overtired, overworked and overwhelmed. Mama's had a bad stroke, Aunt Sue seems selfish, and cousin Lainie is perfect. Nobody seems to care about Alice's burdens. Then she meets Sylvia.

    In "Return to the Desert," author Jerry Burgener continues studying the spiritual lessons provided by his American Indian spirit guide, Tom, as he chronicles his incredible journey to understand life and relationships. Returning to Tom's mountain retreat, Jerry is expecting sympathy and understanding from Tom when he relays that his fiancee has cheated on him with an ex boyfriend. Instead, Tom calmly states, "Everything is perfect and as it should be." Jerry soon realizes he has to relearn many lessons Tom taught him on the very same mountaintop a year earlier and then must achieve a whole new level of understanding in order to find inner peace. As Jerry struggles with another failed relationship, Tom challenges him to find his place in the universe and uses past life regression to help him understand the connection between past lives and his current dilemmas.

    Both of Dr. Jerry Burgener’s books, "Desert Journey" and its new sequel "Return to the Desert," are fictional, but largely autobiographical, portrayals of a man’s spiritual journey toward greater understanding about life, its value and purpose. Jerry travels into the desert where he learns lessons from his Native American spiritual guide, Tom. Together, the two men explore what has held Jerry back in life, and also how life, with all its events—joys and tragedies—is always a blessing. In "Return to the Desert," Jerry finds he needs a refresher on lessons he previously learned, but also that it is time to build on previous lessons to advance farther in his self-knowledge. Devastated to find his girlfriend has been cheating on him, Jerry seeks sympathy from Tom, not at all expecting Tom’s reaction that the situation is a blessing in disguise because it will provide among other things a new learning experience for Jerry.

    Jane Eyre : Readable Classics

    Jane Eyre in all of its original splendor has been brought to readable classics. The original version has been adapted only to update the language to make it easier for the modern reader of today to understand. This classic beloved tale of the orphan Jane Eyre will captivate you and keep you reading until the end. Jane Eyre, a orphan who is taken into custody by her uncle after her parents death, and ten years after his death sent away to school by her unloving, unkind aunt is everything the original manuscript is. Jane thrives and learns at school. She becomes a teacher and then a governess under her master Mr. Rochester and falls in love only to learn his shattering secret. Her life takes a turn and later reconnects to her past. She finds true happiness where she belongs. I loved every minute of this book. Though I have read Jane Eyre multiple times before, I was able to see this novel in a new light, due to the let down of a language barrier. Our vocabulary does not consist of the formalities in 1847. We do not converse on the same level, more so we discuss more freely and openly today. The novel in its new form is everything Charlotte Bronte gave to her 1847 readers, but updated for ease in understanding for today’s reader. This is a must read! I am a firm believer that you should read the original at some point in your life. However, if you have ever read Jane Eyre or if you have had trouble understanding the original this readable classic will draw you in and keep you spell bound to the end. I highly suggest this book to any reader. It is a wonderful classic novel. I look forward to reading and expanding my library to include other readable classics.

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