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Reviews of books on hobbies and crafts.

    4* a fun and creative way to unwind

    “The Threaded Gem Adventure” by Malana Ashlie is definitely an adventure all hearts should embark on. Highly recommend it!

    Crafting Relationships through Beads. Life is about connecting the dots. This is the answer Malana Ashlie received when trying to decide how to join special people in her life for her birthday. The threaded Gem Adventure is a how to book for creating a memory chain using beads representing each of the special people in your life. The basic explanations, supported by photographs of the process, are presented as stepping-stones in a story that traces the author’s personal journey of awareness. Thank you. Profits from sale of The Threaded Gem Adventure supports a Single Mother's Project in El Porvenir, Honduras. This project helps these women to move above the poverty level and develop financial freedom through the operation of small home-based businesses.

    A great book for the beginner to learn knitting skills

    Puzzling with Divas

    A review of Word Search Divas, a word search puzzle book with photographs of Divas to accompany each puzzle.

    Book review of "The Spiritual Significance of Music"

    Book Review: Deer In My Garden Volume 1: Perennials and Subshrubs The Yucky Flower Series Author: Carolyn Singer Publisher: Garden Wisdom Press ISBN: 978-0-9774851-0-5

    Book Review A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies and Rituals for the Body and Spirit Author: Stephanie Rose Bird Publisher: Lawrence Hill Books ISBN: 978-1-55652-764-7

    This is a review of a small book with the catchy title - The World's Easiest Astronomy Book. It is a good book for children and parents to explore together our solar system, stars etc.

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