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Danielle G.

Hi, My name is Danielle and I am an Australian student. Reading and writing is my passion, and it is almost impossible to find me without a book in my hand or sitting at a computer writing one.

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Book Review: TIR NA N'OG

TIR NA N’OG is written as a journal following Casey, who is a Faerie, with the gift of seeing into people’s minds and remembers the events of the past. In this novel, which is the first book of a saga, Iberians discover the People’s land. TIR NA N’OG is based in a fascinating world, which has been very well developed. The novel has an interesting plot line, which is extremely original and well written. It is also very refreshing to read a book on Faeries that is written in the point of view of a Faerie, instead of a human looking into their world. The characters in TIR NA N’OG are well written and developed, making their personalities seem realistic. TIR NA N’OG’s beautiful cover draws readers in and its intriguing plot makes it impossible for them to put the book down. The best part of this novel would undoubtable be the way Marni L.B. Troop has managed to captivate the essence of the world she created and communicate it to the readers of the novel, making it easy to imagine the world she describes in amazing detail. After reading TIR NA N’OG the readers are left wondering who is this mysterious Michael, who Casey is writing these journals for, is and what is going to happen next in the captivating saga. In conclusion, the novel TIR NA N’OG has a well written plot line and perfectly described world. It is refreshingly original with characters whose personalities are very realistic. It is also the enthralling first book of a saga, meaning that readers are left wanting more and wishing that they knew what is going to happen next in the TIR NA N’OG saga.

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