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In the down turn of the economy as well as being on a budget most of us are wanting innovative ways to stretch that dollar because sometimes the month is just too darn long. Lisa Sims certainly understands our dilemma and is prepared to give us the way out.

I certainly have no problem recommending this book to young women that are having issues or those that want to prevent issues. It is written in simple lay terms, is concise, and extremely informative. As well, I believe this would be a great book in a practitioner's lending library or on a TCM school's recommended reading list. It's like a Cliff's Notes of TCM.

This is a great book for anyone that has been thinking of exploring alternative health. Gruver’s knowledge and experience shines through by giving the skeptic food for thought. (Pun intended!) This book is also a wonderful quick resource guide for those that already consider alternative medicine as a way of life. Her recommended reading and resource guide is very helpful.

Addiction is a disease that often doesn't present itself in a form that onlookers notice; it's often hidden by the addict to a point even the closest friends and family don't know about it.

My Little Black Book to Success

I immediately knew I was on the same page as Tom Marquardt when I got to Part I - Stop Biting Your Nails and Start Sharpening Your Claws.

The Next Generation of Women Leaders

History and information about women in management.

Fix Em Up Rent Em Out

Book details information on buying fix-up houses.

Making It Home by Susan R. Blaske Williams

Important tips for young couples starting out.

Crisis Investing and Entrepreneuring

Crisis Investing and Entrepreneuring

Better Because of You

Make the world a better place

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