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Irene Watson

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Common Sense by C. G. Ferrel

Thoughtful and thought-provoking C. G. Ferrel's "Common Sense" give s us an opportunity to go within ourselves and contemplate our beliefs and attitudes toward life, actions, others, and mostly ourselves.

The Poet's Quill: Musing of Mind and Spirit

The back cover says " The Poet's quest is one of wide magnitude. He or she must explore the untapped regions of mind and spirit and then proceed to paint a picture in words of that strange and mysterious landscape. The book before you is such a picture, depicting a new yet ancient province of the soul."

Deep and to the point, "The Evolution Conspiracy" will make you think, which in itself is a evolutionary process.

Addiction--What's Really Going On?: Inside a Heroin Treatment Program

Great resource, a must-have in the library, and informative, Alan gives the reader options to healing. Highly recommend.

First of all, anytime you choose to delve into brain functions you are in for some deep study and thought. It is no different with Albert Garoli's "The Evolutionary Glitch" because he takes us deep within neurobiology and quantum physics

A Complete Guide to Public Speaking

Concise, to the point, and effective describes Joseph A. Grippo's award winning "A Complete Guide to Public Speaking."

I was specifically interested in this book because I needed to understand the process when a friend suffered a brain injury during a motor vehicle accident.

When I asked for this book to review I thought it was something else so you can imagine my surprise when I received it. My first impression was "Wow, this is great!" And, needless to say I kept saying this throughout the book.

There is a rampant buzz about lowering our cholesterol because it is considered a "silent killer" causing much concern in our society. This book will certainly give you information of why this buzz is rampant and why there are concerns.

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