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Dillan Kane gives his own account of his brother's suicide at the age of 16. He talks about memories with his brother, his own feelings and fears, as well as the impact it had on his own life.

I like this book! At first the cover had me a little doubtful but it grew on me after I started getting into the content of the book. "Achieve Anything in Just One Year" is a motivational compilation of daily readings and assignments to assist in achieving goals. Basically, both get you in the mindset for the day. The reading for day 39 starts off with "You are now becoming a person of action. How does that feel? It can be quite a powerful experience." The assignment for the day is "to continue to be a person of action. Don't interrupt your efforts with talk. Get back to work." Day 126 starts off with "You have already explored the fact you cannot reach success on your own. You need other people in your life." The reading continues and ends up with the assignment " Practice tact today and give your ego the day off." For the purpose of this review I didn't complete the readings/assignments but intend to because they have become a routine in my daily life. Reading and doing the assignment first thing in the morning sets me up for the day. I compliment Jason Harvey for creating a simple, step-by-step, quick paced but effective tool for us to use. Achieving goals and desires has never been easier!

The Potter's Keeper

First of all, when I asked for this book to review I envisioned a chronological book about pottery, how ancient pottery was made, and historical facts about the society during that time. In a sense, this is what the book is about but more importantly there is an underlying message of how pottery and ceramics have shaped and changed economics. I had to step back and refocus on what I was going to get out of the book and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed.

Lost on Route 66: Tales From the Mother Road

Crossing eight states the infamous Route 66 has been an American legend since its birth in 1926 and almost everyone at one time or another either has been on the route, part of it, or wishes to explore it. Either way, "Lost on Route 66" gives a glimpse into experiences of some people while they drive the route or live near it.

The introduction reads "Two unlikely facts collided at the event of my birth, with potentially lethal consequences. The first fact concerned the genes that my parents carried in their cells. The second fact concerned the memes they carried in their heads." After reading this first paragraph I knew I was in for an interesting read. I understand genes and how they influence our lives genetically, however, my interest was sparked by what memes his parents had and would attempt to pass on. With a little more reading I found out: Jehovah's Witness and their interpretations of the Bible. At that moment I knew this will be a page turner, and I have to say it didn't disappoint me.

Turnings: Lyric Poems Along the Road

"Part memoir and part anthology - this book is a spiritual autobiography. ...And because he has a gift of lyric poetry, he includes a rich selection of poems written as his life experience unfolds, making the evolving of a sensitive spirit." (Part of blurb from back of book.) The combination of narrative and poetry made the read more interesting because, as a reader, I could journey into Donald L. Fletcher's soul and get in touch with his internal spirit.

When you feel and don't know how to say...that is getting into the depths of the soul. And, that's exactly what Estafania Crespo does as she offers her rendition of feelings, thoughts, and contemplations through her words of poetry.

Transitions by Jane Tenney

Death is imminent. We know it will happen at the end of life. However, we are never prepared for it nor do we take it lightly.

Generous Fiction by Michael Cervin

This book is unique.

Pat writes from her soul and experiences.

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