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Even after much research scientists still do know exactly what causes juvenile diabetes but they do believe it could be a compromised autoimmune system, genetic, or environmental factors that are involved. Author Jacquie Lewis-Camp was diagnosed with this disease at the age of seven in 1969.

You, My Love by Richard Atwood

Fortunately for me I found the "notes" at the end of the book before I started reading the pieces in "You, My Love." The notes gave me an understanding that this is "A diary, exactly as it happened. Without older, married woman, a younger man. A diary first - a book of poems, second."

I've been using self-guided imagery for that past 40+ years and I can attest that it works but like anything else we need to be diligent. And even more so, we need to accept the end result as our own truth and wisdom. I've also assisted many others in imagery with remarkable results from completely removing a cancerous tumor to manifesting careers, relationships, and money.

Oh, how I wish this book was available 35 years ago when I was encouraging my children to "think." Attempting to come up with activities to promote thinking is challenging enough let alone keep their interest peaked and fun enough to continue and not get bored. Well, for those that have children, or an educator wanting to come up with new activities, Dr. Maria Chesley Fisk has made it easy.

ISBN 9781608320455

ISBN 9781432751494

ISBN 9781432753665

ISBN 9781932690132

ISBN 9780741458698

As the subtitle indicates "Piercing the Veil" delves into science and mysticism giving the reader a concrete look into ancient wisdom that comes from a variety of Eastern religions.

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