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Betty Gelean

Live in northern British Columbia and love the wildlife, rural life, crackling fire in the fireplace in winter, book in hand. One short story to my credit, working on a possible book. In the meantime, I review books as a creative outlet and hobby. I have a blog of book reviews called R&B: Read and Blog

 Articles by this Author

Book written by John Rislove, who works with repeat violent offenders.

A fast-paced medical thriller; students are committing suicide... or are they? Sammy Greene, reporter and talk-show host on campus radio is ready to do some heavy-duty sleuthing.

Essays and vignettes of Sherry Jones Mayo's work life as first a paramedic, later working in the ER, providing comfort in crisis intervention and finally teaching. Great writing, Non-fiction and honest.

I've never read a book quite like Stunt Road. It is fascinating, depressing, joyful, cynical, provocative and even deadly, all at one go. Quite an undertaking for a first novel. The range of characters really breathes life into the story. Without the strong characterizations, this would be a different book. The ending brings to mind Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken". I am left to wonder, which road did Peter take when he came to the crossroad at the end of the book?

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