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Andrea Asay

I review books for and various other publications. I am the Christian Perspectives Examiner for and I am currently working on my first novel.

 Articles by this Author

J.C. Burnham's first installment in what looks to be a promising series.

The answer to the 'age-old' question

Review of the book "30 Isn't Old" by Colette Petersen

A great idea poorly conceived

A review of the book "The Test" by, Patricia Gussin

Against all odds

A review for the book The Last Train from Paris

A telling tale

Curse of the Tahiera tells a story like no other. Wendy Gillissen tells us a tale of vast lands and incredible creatures to convey a grand coming of age narrative. While told against a backdrop fantastical surroundings, it is one of loss and redemption, and one we all can relate to.

Readable Classics Jane Eyre

The lightly edited version of the Bronte classic Jane Eyre, opens the door for modern readers to enjoy a literary masterpiece.

Erik's Second Chance

A book review of the book The Sultan's Favorite, a novel by Anne Burnside. A fanfiction turned novel of what happened to our beloved Phantom of the Opera after the events of the Opera Populare.

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