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Kathleen Albertson

Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. PhD in Holistic Nutrition. Author of "Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern Medicine."
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A feel good read! I found this book to be a wonderful potpourri of articles and subjects. “Recovering Thy Self” is a quarterly journal that explores various themes through essays, poetry, opinion, and sharing of self. The writings come from authors from all four corners of the world. This book has stories from various authors dealing with personal growth, relationship and family, trauma recovery, living with disabilities, short fiction, travel interviews, substance abuse, addiction, and recovery. The articles pertain to personal struggles …accepted, dealt with, and overcome.

AD/HD Success

A wonderful handbook for AD/HD kids from 7 to 17. A tool providing solutions for boosting self esteem. AD/HD diagnosis is on the rise and all of us know, work with or have children with special needs. This book is for children, teachers and parents. The author clearly set forth a fabulous workbook that everyone can use to help our children feel better about themselves. Building character and good behavior is not an easy task.

ISBN978-9821911-0-1 It is always helpful to look at new selling techniques. To see that is still working and to remind us that the basics never change. Howard does a great job of identifying the boomer market. How to attract them, how to trap them!

Remove your energetic blockages now! Your beliefs can change. Bender and Sise combine the physiology and psychology of healing using simple, helpful techniques. These techniques will help the novice who is just stepping into bio energetics, as well as practitioners of EFT, TFT, acupuncture, massage and light work. Holistic care embraces energy healing and sees it as growing form of therapy. Why wait for western medicine when you can be taught techniques and applications that help. An increased number of professionals are now seeing the value of energy work. Self help is a billion dollar industry. More psychologists are embracing the natural healing powers of the body and the mind. This book gives you concrete ways to heal many issues.

Do we really know how to inspire? There is a huge difference in motivating and inspiring as you will learn from Barber. Do you think you motivate your employees and family members by being strong, assertive and setting a good example? Are you passionate and compassionate about your work? Barber will tell you that you may not be cutting it!

Take a good look! The western medical system is considered to be one of the best in the world. In who’s opinion? The doctors? Pharmaceutical companies? What about the patients? Our healthcare has become a “system,” a machine driven by costs and profits. Patients suffer needlessly as a result of our economic focus on a service industry. The ethics in healthcare have been replaced with a profit and loss statement. Is it the doctors’ fault? The insurance companies? Where did we as a society drop the ball on improving patient outcomes? This book gets into the nitty gritty.

Get it Right the First Time! TJ Walker fills you with clarity and purpose for any presentation you may make. He makes his points and educates you on ways to improve yourself. How do you know you are as good as you think? How good does your audience feel you are? Many presenters haven’t got the guts to really ask. Walker helps you get there! He covers how to handle stage fright and nervousness. Delivering your presentation is different from planning it in our mind, so he covers how to give it that punch with rehearsals.

Gruver provides interesting and helpful ways to better care for yourself and your family. This is a great self help tool for the novice as well as those experienced in natural health protocols. Pick up a self help health book today and almost ways you will find a chapter on "Be your own advocate." Patients need to help themselves, rather than solely rely on western medical doctors. Demand for better health care is putting the general public on alert that they need to delve deeper into how to prevent chronic and degenerating diseases. Being your own advocate requires you to research and explore more natural alternatives and this book is a great primer.

A self help that can transform your life Dr. Sherman reaches out to the core of change. Mindfulness brings people into the present. It helps them look at their problems from a different perspective so that change is possible.

Sound strategies for a down market Whether the market is up or down it is good to know what the Warren Buffet’s are investing in. Unfortunately most of us are strapped with less pocket change and many of our investments play an important part or crucial percentage in our accumulation strategy, or in our efforts to build a retirement nest egg. Learn more.

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