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Kathleen Albertson

Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. PhD in Holistic Nutrition. Author of "Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern Medicine."
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The book is well written and laid out in an easy to read manner. I found every daily inspiration to be worthy and helpful. For each day of the year, he selects a passage of inspiration or reflection coupled with a meditation. It is a short and easy to read meditation! He then offers questions for your own personal journaling.

by Nancy Oelklaus Feeling Disconnected? Are you two different people at work and in your real life? Oelklaus helps you bridge the gap between what you feel you should be and what you truly can enjoy with authenticity. Many people have a work face and a play face. If that is you then you will enjoy a practical and spiritual journey to reconnect your parts! If you are experienced on the spiritual path and well versed in meditation, you too will learn even more. A deeper level of understanding is before you.

An Interesting Perspective on Free Will I didn’t know I didn’t have it. Greening is quite brilliant and informative in explaining “Determinism.” To him, this is a beginning primer on the subject. We have no free will. Free will evolved to support a survival thinking strategy. Where we are at any given point in time in our lives is determined. Is that what you believe? I certainly never looked at that concept in the detail that the author has. I enjoyed his examples. His stories will take you on a journey from pre historic times, through the theory of evolution. If that isn’t enough the author magnificently discusses the relevance of science on this topic from soup to nuts. Is evolution a series of random acts, or is it predetermined?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Explained Simply! Hats off to author Gibson. It is a well written, complete and useful guide! I am a medical practitioner and have heard of NLP for the last 20 years. Did I ever really listen to how it works? Not until I read this book. I discovered how to use it for myself, with my family and in my practice. NLP allows you to create new patterns of feeling and thinking which influence your behavior, resulting in more positive outcomes. Like any tool, it requires practice, but the author thoroughly and easily explains the theory and mechanisms of NLP.

A Practical Guide to Happiness! You Choose! This is a terrific book which reminded me once again of the greatness we enjoy as human beings. It reminded me, once again, of the real purpose of life. The author shares her love and experiences and awakens your senses. McKinnon discusses the quality of life…how to recognize it and how to share it.

by Michelle May, MD Eat mindfully and with intention for a healthier you! This is an easy read and very interesting book. May breaks down the destructive eating cycles that cause us to over eat or make the wrong choices. She successfully takes the emotion out of it and puts you in charge of yourself!

This book is timeless, but never more right for our world than now. James writes a compelling, complex, argument for the nature of natural forces to be. I loved this book because it was very, very, deep, yet easy to understand. It is profound, yet simple in the same vein. I found his explanations propelling. Many of us feel that we understand spirituality and the concepts of spiritual growth, letting go, and finding our soul.

Lacey does a fabulous job of getting you to your core. She instills you with ways to crack out of that shell and helps you ooze with happiness. Her commentary, stories and techniques are refreshing, and enlightening. Lacey offers ideas, reasons, and ways to be much more. To take stock of yourself and to find out what really makes you tick. She separates your fluff from your foundation. Self help is on the way.

Book Review: The Diet Joke” by

Diet? It comes in many forms.You don’t need a weight guru to help you lose. You just need to get to it. Do more of the right things and have fun with it.

Frame Shifting

Banner shares his path of spiritual awakening. Having been a management consultant, you would think he would be stoic, rigid, “business like”… but I found his writing to be truly that of a free spirit. He takes you on his journey, sharing the higher teachings he received along the way. This book is filled with quotes and passages from other healers and teachers. That was one of the best parts of this book. It is refreshing to be so close to the wide words of other spiritual giants. His reference to “frame shifting” seems to me to be his his journey to self actualization…the never ending process.

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