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Swamy Swarna

I am a scientist with interests in Quality, HRD, Communications etc., in the manufacturing sector. I am an author, editor and book reviewer. My interest is in the above areas plus children's books, Science Fiction etc.

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Tender coconut water is a natural electrolyte and has been used as a sports drink and for oral rehydration. It has many other applications too in the health field and Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D. explains the many uses of tender coconut water in his highly readable book. Many recipes are also provided at the end.

A good book for children and parents, educators etc. that entertains and educates. The book deals with the adventures of Fur, a colony of crawlers (caterpillars) with a single consciousness, through the forests and man-trails of Canada.

This book is an excellent, highly readable account of the discovery of trans-Saturnian Planets of our Solar System, especially Pluto and the Planet X. X stands for ten as well as unknown. When Pluto was discovered in 1930, it was not the tenth planet but was the mysterious unknown planet that was theorized to exist based on the orbital fluctuations of Uranus. The book deals with the wonderful world of astronomy and covers the exploration of our solar system in good detail.

Pain is body's way of alerting us to some imbalance in the system. There are several approaches to pain management and strength training (muscle building) is definitely one of the better ones. Durgs and surgery are no doubt needed and have their place too but it is good to explore other options first. This review introduces a good book on strength training.

This is a review of a small book with the catchy title - The World's Easiest Astronomy Book. It is a good book for children and parents to explore together our solar system, stars etc.

An excellent book on managing money

Title: Enjoy Your Money! I like business books written in novel or play form. When an opportunity arose to review the present book, I was quite enthusiastic. I am happy to report that my enthusiasm was not misplaced! Enjoy Your Money is one of the best and most complete resources for money management at the personal level. Yet, the concepts are equally applicable to any business of any scale. The book is divided into four parts: Investing Money, Saving Money, Making Money and Enjoying Money (including giving it away to causes that you believe in). You need to make money, save money and invest today's money for a secure future. Then, you need to find the right value systems in life (money is not the end; it is a means for the end). That message comes through quite lucidly. I loved the movie script or play format! It worked for this book, transforming a large amount of research into an entertaining and easy read. In summary, this is one of the best books on money management that I've ever read. I strongly recommend it to one and all.

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