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Diane Walters

I am a student at Southern New Hampshire University finishing my bachelor's in creative writing. When the studies are at rest, I edit for authors and review books.

 Articles by this Author

When the Seldith clan’s Owl Wrangler mysteriously disappears, his son Hisbil, a teenage forest elf no taller than a mushroom, must take on this perilous duty or face exile from the clan. Desperately trying to clear his father’s name, Hisbil gets help from his pesky little sister, who’s almost learned to heal with a touch; a pretty and clairvoyant classmate, who knows what's on Hisbil's mind before he does; and a mysterious exiled clansman, whose motives are far from pure. Armed with little more than a wand and a spell he’s never used, Hisbil and his Seldith cohorts endure a harrowing odyssey of danger, deception, and battle until Hisbil finally discovers the real truth about his calling, his father and the Seldith clan. The Owl Wrangler is the first book in the trilogy followed by Guardians of the Sacred Seven and Quest for The Truth. It’s a delightful story loved by young and old that weaves a compelling story about our times and a society that worships The Truth.

Young Michael goes on an adventure to Tremora to search for his missing father. Once there, he learns he is to save his father and all of Tremora

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