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I.Alan Appt

I. Alan Appt currently resides in mid-west. He lives with his beautiful wife Pam, Murphy the very lovable cat, and Dolly the vocal yellow nape Amazon parrot. He has two adult children a girl and boy and one grandchild. Appt is an accomplished Impressionistic Artist in the medium of oil with the sole use of palette knives, and has frequent Art shows. He is a licensed Captain, owned and operated a sailing charter business for six years on the west coast of Florida. Sailing the Caribbean has added another significant piece of awareness in itself to his life. Over the past two decades, he has taught and practiced intense meditation on a daily basis. He is proficient and Master in and has taught Universal Energy (UE) for (Healing) as well as Kinesiology. Appt is a graduate student in early 1992 from the School of Universal Energy. He is a spiritual counselor, motivational speaker and an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

 Articles by this Author

The Truth Beyond Belief Systems and a Fresh Path to Love, Peace And Joy

Time is Passing Faster

The Expansion of the Universe is Causing Time to Pass Faster

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