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Jud Hanson

I learned to love reading at a very early age, thanks to many hours of being read to by my parents and grandparents. As far back as I can remember, libraries and bookstores have consumed much of my time and money.
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 Articles by this Author

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

A man goes on the run from the con men whose money he stole.

Investigation of 3 brutal deaths uncovers a Wall Street scandal.

The investigation draws to a dramatic close.

Unfinished Business

Two Naval investigators pursue solving the murder on the Antarctic expedition of 1960.

A man wrestles with his conscience as he is given an opportunity to eliminate criminals.

Frozen in Time

A record-setting earthquake and an expedition to the Antarctic set the stage for this murder mystery.

Crossing Borders

After being rescued by a stranger, DeSilva must try to clear his reputation of a brutal murder.

The Hornbrook Prophecy

The US Government goes bankrupt and chaos ensues.

Buried in Wolf Lake

Bodies start showing up in a local lake.

Murder in Winnebago County

Someone is killing public officials in Winnebago County and making them look like suicides.

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