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Trina Williams

I am a student at Lindenwood University pursuing an Educational Specialist Degree.

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The attitude of a leader is very important because it will determine the level of success he or she will obtain. In John C. Maxwell’s book Attitude 101, the following three areas are examined: the impact of attitude, the formation of attitude, and the future with the right attitude. Maxwell focuses on how one’s attitude plays a vital role in a leader being successful or unsuccessful. Maxwell points out how the attitude of a leader influences those around them. The wrong attitude negatively affected teams. According to Maxwell, It does not matter how talented the team is. If the team is talented but the attitudes are rotten then that equals a bad team. However, if the team is talented and the attitudes are good, then that equals a great team. Therefore, the potential of a person or a group of people will never go beyond the attitude of the person or group of people.

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