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Annie Johnson

I enjoy a very wide range of books just for the novelty aspect of it. I cannot imagine reading only one genre all of the time! Please check out my blog:
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Review of The Shift

This book is all about the difference between practicing religion versus living a personal relationship with God. Most people get the two confused or don’t even know it’s possible to have a relationship with God. This book charts the author’s story as an adopted cradle Roman Catholic who attended parochial grade and high schools in western Washington and who was dissatisfied with the state of his religious experiences. Throughout his journey, the author tells how he shifted from “doing the stuff” religion mandates to living a daily faith walk with God. This book compares Catholic tradition and spiritual practices such as indulgences, the rosary and the Mass with Biblical scripture and what faith and works really mean. Ther are nearly 500 scriptural quotes to support the author’s positions. Some of those positions will likely surprise both Catholics and Protestant Christians. The author also tells how he came by the nickname, “Speedy”.

Review of Falling in Love with Your Life

A guide to laugh, reflect and enjoy life... because it doesn't have to be perfect to be great!

Review of Exodus Lost

Exodus Lost reopens outstanding cold cases from antiquity and tracks down their solutions using cutting-edge science, classical scholarship, and tenacity. The adventure begins with an epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean that Aztec and Mayan chronicles describe as their ancestral voyage to Mexico. By mapping the details within these texts, the author locates their lost homeland and corroborates their traditions of an ocean-crossing long before Columbus or the Vikings. From this follow a series of groundbreaking discoveries into the origins of Mexican civilization, the roots of Western civilization, the creation of the alphabet, the history of the pyramids, and even new archaeological evidence for several major Bible stories. Enter a world of exploration and discovery, mystery and revelation. Whether your passion is archaeology or religion, history or simply a great adventure, Exodus Lost delivers. Beautifully illustrated with 126 photos, maps, and engravings.

Review of 20 Shades of Purple

Joanna and Otto Levell are ordinary, middle-aged, empty nesters; until Joanna reads a popular series on sex, bondage, and domination. Armed with sex manuals, marital aids, and the advice of her best friend Wendy, Joanna pushes the boundaries of their love life. 20 Shades of Purple is a delightfully naughty, fast-paced story which perfectly blends honesty, laugh-out-loud humor, and adult themes. This book contains sexual references and adult language and is intended for adult readers.

Review of Trial and Terror

The good news is that public defender Summer Neuwirth just won her first case, which involved a brutal rape and kidnapping. The bad news? Her client was guilty. What’s more, he knows all about Summer’s past. As Summer pursues her next case, this time to keep an innocent woman off death row, elements of that past–a mysterious case of childhood amnesia, her police officer father’s involvement with a serial killer, a terrifying attack she survived just months earlier–entwine with her present legal work, her missing mother, and her rocky relationship with a private investigator, all of which culminate in a thrilling trial… and terror.

Frank Coyle was raised in a blue-collar, hard working, lower-middle class neighborhood of West Philadelphia.  It was the same neighborhood that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith) left for safety reasons.  In fact, Will Smith went to the same grade school that Frank attended.  Frank even coached Will Smith in little league football.  Frank can view the world from many angles because of his austere upbringing and the many life successes with which he has been blessed.  Frank’s father was killed as a result of injuries sustained while fighting a fire.  Frank was eleven years old at the time.  As a result, Frank (and all his siblings) was awarded the Philadelphia Hero Scholarship.  After high-school graduation, and with no job in sight, Frank decided to use that scholarship.  It was the best thing he could have done.  He says that college opened the door to the world for him.  Frank had very humble beginnings but America gave him the opportunity to become an engineer, a power plant manager, a management consultant, a corporate vice-president, a small business owner – and now, an author. After such a busy career, Frank has come to realize that what he enjoys more than anything else is family – his wife, his children and now his granddaughter.  Frank’s daughter and son-in-law gave him the honor of being Grand Pop ten months ago.  Frank says that had he known how great it is to be Grand Pop – he would have skipped having children and gone right to Grand Pop.  When he is with that little girl, there is nothing else in the world that matters.  When he is not with her, he enjoys politics and writing.

Review of The Island of Lote

The Island of Lote is a young adult romantic comedy with some drama and angst mixed in by Emily Kinney.

Review of Wookiwoo, I Love You

Wookiwoo, I Love You is an endearing children’s book written and illustrated by husband and wife team Darren and Ruby Perrman

Review of The Upsider

The Upsider is a fantasy novel by Isabel Hart-Cuerrier.

The Ultimate Guide To Building And Marketing Your Online Business With Free Tools is a social media marketing guide by Gabriela Taylor meant for those who are either currently or planning on running their own online business.

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