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Patricia Reid

I share my love of reading with my two daughters and my granddaughter. One daughter loves romance, the other loves mystery and my granddaughter, twenty-one, reads a variety of books. Reviewing books has introduced me to many authors that are new to me. When I read a book to review and enjoy it I usually try to obtain other books by that author. I work part-time and my main interest is reading.
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 Articles by this Author

The Ovary Wars by Mike Hogan

A very different take on population control.

A great addition to the Poke Rafferty thrillers.

Second book in the series that began with Fatal February. Mary Magruder Katz is an attorney practicing in Miami, Florida.

An exciting fast moving novel about a search for a girl in danger during the Thunder Beach rally.

Slash and Burn by Matt Hilton

Another exciting novel featuring Joe Hunter

An exciting mystery with a mysterious element.

The Panic Zone by Rick Mofina

The second book in the Jack Gannon series.

A Journey to Die For

The most recent in Radine Trees Nehring's "To Die For" series.

An entertaining mystery set in 1921.

Identity Crisis

An action packed novel featuring female attorney Sam McRae.

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