Neuro-Linguistic Programming Explained Simply!


Hats off to author Gibson. It is a well written, complete and useful guide!

I am a medical practitioner and have heard of NLP for the last 20 years. Did I ever really listen to how it works? Not until I read this book. I discovered how to use it for myself, with my family and in my practice.

NLP allows you to create new patterns of feeling and thinking which influence your behavior, resulting in more positive outcomes. Like any tool, it requires practice, but the author thoroughly and easily explains the theory and mechanisms of NLP.

She breaks down the four levels of NLP and illustrates how it can work for everyone.

NLP was developed in the 1970’s and she discusses how the theorists created this new therapy. They studied therapists, identified and selected the practices of the most successful… and bottled it!

Parents and teachers alike will find value in understanding these techniques when working with children. It can improve relationships; decrease stress and anxieties formed by past events, and help you or those you teach to create new patterns of thought. NLP can change your perspective view and that of others. She gives you six NLP strategies for your tool box.

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Entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and managers as well as sales people can increase their negotiating skills and better evaluate the subtle behavior modalities of others. Do you know if your sales prospect responds via visual, audible or kinesthetic stimulus?

NLP helps you know and understand the differences ultimately helping you to build rapport with your prospect, resulting in a closed sale. As a sales person, you need to be familiar with not just the technical aspects of your product or service, but knowing how to psychologically affect your prospect can be a win win.

She describes how you can better understand difficult people by learning more about their motivation. You too, can change and benefit both personally and professionally by incorporating these techniques into your daily life.

If you suffer from behavior which you would like to improve upon, this can help.

If you suffer from anger, anxiety or depression, NLP can help you better understand patterns and help you elicit positive change and improved outcomes.

This book is very easily to grasp and utilize in your life.

It delivers.

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