by Marjorie McKinnon


A Practical Guide to Happiness! You Choose!

This is a terrific book which reminded me once again of the greatness we enjoy as human beings. It reminded me, once again, of the real purpose of life. The author shares her love and experiences and awakens your senses. McKinnon discusses the quality of life…how to recognize it and how to share it.

I enjoyed her honesty, practicality and insights.

She leads you into the six dimensions affecting our thoughts and actions. With her help you can achieve happiness and excellence in all of these...She outlines how to make wise decisions in our lives and helps us look at how often we choose unwisely. Her dimensions are thoughtfully laid out; Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and financial. She helps you understand and examine these aspects to help heal you and to improve your perspective on what can be.

She quotes Thoreau who observed that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Isn’t it true that we know more people who are unhappy with their lives and decisions than those that are happy and fulfilled?

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I find that we sometimes need to be reminded that the glass is half full and not half empty!

“Be grateful for what you have” is a common saying…but McKinnon helps you strive for excellence. She teaches you to have skills and confidence to reach further.

Past experiences and traumas do not need to define us and she allows you to explore feelings and thinking that contributed to painful patterns you may have developed. Her dimensions help lead you out of the doldrums.

Her advice can be both simple and deep. If you fail to make constructive decisions, the author can help mobilize you. She discusses what holds us back and provides practical guidelines to get “unstuck” to help you move forward.

I enjoyed her concrete approach. She writes from the heart. This book can help you move forward. It helps you let go of unproductive feelings and patterns. Be aware of your choices!


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