Skip Rock Shallows by Jan Watson
adele symonds
I am a 38 year old disabled, single mum to four children, one of whom lives with her dad, and one who has Asperger's Syndrome. I am an avid reader and love reviewing the books I read. I am an improving writer and I run a book club. 
By adele symonds
Published on 03/29/2012
A really well written book set in 1908, a female doctor joins a coal camp for her first internship.

Book Review

Book Review – Skip Rock Shallows by Jan Watson


This is Jan’s 6th book and I highly recommend it.

The plot revolves around the main character, Lily Gray Corbett.

Lily has just finished medical school and her first internship is in the coal camp of Skip Rock, Kentucky, a small mountain town.  The book is set in 1908 and Lily has to contend with the prejudices of small town folk who don’t believe a woman should be a doctor.  She dispels these preconceived ideas through her professionalism, good work, compassion and friendliness.  There are disasters and triumphs, love and loss, changes in perspective and changes of heart throughout the book. 

All the characters are so well written that you can picture each and every one of them not just the main characters which is the case in some books, this helped the whole book to come alive.  I loved every character in different ways except for Paul, Lily’s fiancé who is doing his internship in Boston.  I did not warm to this character but it was no less well written.

The story is very busy going from scene to scene seamlessly, I read this book late into the night because I became so involved with the characters lives that I did not want to wait until morning to find out what happened to them.

There are biblical references made and characters struggles with their faith are explored alongside the rest of the plot.  I feel this book would appeal to Christians and non-believers alike.  The references are not too overhand to make this a purely Christian book and they are not too covert for those Christians who like a novel which relates to all aspects of their life.  I also feel the age range of this books readers could vary considerably.  There is enough going on to keep the interest of a younger reader, characters they could relate to and the style would be appealing to young pre-teen girls.  Adult women would particularly love this book.

I highly recommend this book and would like to read a sequel to continue the characters journeys.

5/5 stars