The Binding by L Filloon
adele symonds
I am a 38 year old disabled, single mum to four children, one of whom lives with her dad, and one who has Asperger's Syndrome. I am an avid reader and love reviewing the books I read. I am an improving writer and I run a book club. 
By adele symonds
Published on 03/24/2012
A fantasy, debut e-book

Book Review

Book Review – The Binding by L Filloon


This is a reasonable book that I liked.  The characters are great and you can identify with the four main characters very well.  The plot is interesting, it involves a sidhe prince who has to bring his human/sidhe princess back to his realm and marry her to avert a clan war.  Lily has been brought up human and knows nothing of hr inheritance or her hidden gifts.  They doo not hit it off very well to start with but the development of their relationship is very well written.  There are battles and dangers, surprises and beautiful descriptions but the overall effect is spoilt by numerous occurrences of mixed tenses.  This makes it quite hard work as you have to mentally substitute words and sentence structure as you read to make it make sense.  Generally the pace is good but there are sections which are rather slow and get a bit bogged down.

Without the grammar errors and with some good editing this would be a very good 4 star book but as it is I could only give it 3.  The end is a little disappointing as there is no real end it is obviously written as the first in a series and does not work as a stand alone book.

Keep writing this is a good debut.