The Thinking Tank by Jae De Wylde

This novel has two story lines and two main characters.  The two plots very cleverly synchronise together and there is a unique twist which I will not reveal or it will spoil the book.

Sally is a young girl who is groomed by a 22 year old police constable and a stalwart of the local church.  Sally thinks he is in love with her and doesn’t realise that anything wrong is going on.  She becomes pregnant and the baby is adopted at birth without her consent.  I will not explain the rest of Sally’s plot, suffice it to say that the characterisation is brilliant and that the effects grooming have on a child are extremely realistic.

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The main character in the parallel plot is Sarah, this plot explores her relationship with her daughter and the unique ‘relationship’ she develops with the thinking tank which is a hyperbaric chamber.  There is also a love story incorporated.

There is a lot in this book but it is woven together so nicely that you never get lost.  The characters jump out of the page and the plot is intriguing.  I highly recommend this book.

At the beginning of Sally’s story it can be very uncomfortable reading, especially for any reader who may have lived through something similar. I would implore you to persevere though as the conclusion is well worth any difficulties which you may have with the realistic plot at first.