Vampire by Kevin Ashman. Book Review
adele symonds
I am a 38 year old disabled, single mum to four children, one of whom lives with her dad, and one who has Asperger's Syndrome. I am an avid reader and love reviewing the books I read. I am an improving writer and I run a book club. 
By adele symonds
Published on 03/12/2012
I highly recommend this book and this author.

Vampire by K Ashman
This is an amazing book, it is the first Ashman novel I have read but I will definitely be reading more.  It follows two timelines; 1. Ancient Egypt 3,000 years ago, which has obviously been well researched, and 2. The present day in England and Egypt.  You have the historical and contemporary periods alternating, with a clear plot for each which combine beautifully as you progress through the novel.
You will find it hard to put this book down once you begin.
The characters, both historical and contemporary are extremely well written ranging from Egyptian kings and goddesses to archaeologists and museum curators, to scientists and goths and vampires and zombies.  There are a wealth of characters to captivate the imagination of many a reader.
This novel includes some interesting ethical dilemmas as well as an engaging plot.  This is not my usual choice of genre but Kevin Ashman may just have converted me.
Excellent 5 stars.
This is an ebook which is available from Amazon