The Auto-Self: The Key to Creating Star Performers and to Becoming a Star Yourself by Dr. Barry Borgerson: Book Report
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Published on 02/13/2012
We all operate in two fundamentally different modes: our familiar, intentional thinking mode and our elusive, unintentional automatic mode. The auto-self is the second, robot-like mode of human activities. Since our auto-self is always active, it often plays the role of enabler or saboteur of our successes after our thinking-self creates our goals, plans, and task lists. Create Star Performers: If you are a manager at any level, your success depends on making as many as possible of your team members star performers. "The Auto-Self," by author Dr. Barry Borgerson, will show readers how to align their automatic behaviors (such as failing to meet commitments or micromanaging) with the needs of the organization.

The Auto-Self: The Key to Creating Star Performers and to Becoming a Star Yourself by Dr. Barry Borg
2-Selfs Publishing Company (2011)
ISBN 9780983815013
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/11)

Unique features in the format of “The Auto-Self: The Key to Creating Star Performers and to Becoming a Star Yourself” added to my reading enjoyment and helped me understand and assimilate the concepts introduced. I especially enjoyed the explanatory callout boxes, the clever illustrations created by Dan Nelson, the highlighted key thoughts, the bulleted lists, and the thought-provoking quotes from recognized leaders.

Dr. Borgerson’s new material on the auto-self, the underlying principles, and suggested improvement techniques offer the reader the empowerment to transform undesired habits,  to conquering our auto-self, and to improve aspects of our auto-self in order to achieve specific goals.

The book is filled with powerful real life stories, examples, and case studies which demonstrate the effectiveness and fundamental principles introduced throughout the text. The patterns reflected in these cases are an important aid to helping the trainer/reader examine their own automatic activities.

This is not a book for cursory reading but a study guide for application and transformation.  Although I found some of the material repetitive, this may be an intentional teaching tool used by the author to help the reader retain, understand, and assimilate the information. Dr. Borgerson introduces a lot of new terminology directly related to the concept of auto-self.

Over the years I have read any number of self-help and motivational books. Many of these have encouraged me to take positive actions steps. Dr. Borgerson’s approach intrigues me as it goes further than self-help to enable the reader to move beyond motivation to transformation and positive lasting change.

“The Auto-Self” is an important guidebook for training leaders in industry, business, and education, as well as life-coaches and their clients. I plan to keep my copy readily available for personal reference, motivation, application, and ongoing transformation.