Puzzling with Divas
lisa BrownGilbert
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By lisa BrownGilbert
Published on 02/9/2012
A review of Word Search Divas, a word search puzzle book with photographs of Divas to accompany each puzzle.

Puzzling with Divas

Working puzzles can be great fun, they can be as easy or as challenging as you can handle but, by that same token they can also be somewhat boring to look at. A puzzle book that takes a particularly different approach to the way the included puzzles are presented is Word Search Divas by Jewel Kats and A. Borgolotto. Jewel Kats has previously authored three children’s books and has written a syndicated advice column for both Scripps Howard news service and Torstar syndication service.

Word Search Divas is a puzzle book that adds a new dimension to puzzling by adding beautiful full color photos that are related to the subject matter of each puzzle. Each gorgeous photo features either something or someone that is related to all matters “Diva”.  The photos are glamorous, tasteful and very well done and each demonstrates a unique aspect of Divaship. The subject matter of the puzzles in this book include a variety of topics such as; accessories, pets, spas, movies, munchies, nail salon trips, toxic friends, hobbies, dating and so much more.  

The included puzzles are not only interesting to look at, because they are shaped to match an aspect of the subject of each puzzle and contain interesting subject matter but the puzzles are also challenging. So you get the simultaneous benefit of visual stimulation and mental stimulation which is a great plus. I would recommend this book to all puzzlers who enjoy word search puzzles and are interested in the captivating world of a Diva.