Let's Play Ball
Suzy Watts
Writer and blogger 
By Suzy Watts
Published on 01/19/2012
Politics in Baseball

Let's Play Ball

Let's Play Ball by Linda Gould

Published by iUniverse

ISBN  978-1-4502-0760-7


I confess to not understanding a thing about baseball prior to reading this book.  Now I have an insight into the politics and intrigue behind the sport, but still don't understand the game itself!

The action centres on twin sisters, Jessica and Miranda.  Jessica is engaged to Manny, a Cuban baseball player, who is the star of the local team.  After the end of season game, he is abducted from the stadium, and nothing is heard about him for some weeks.  Eventually, he surfaces in Cuba, where he is supposedly being looked after by the president's family.  A complicated idea is proposed, whereby a team from the US travel to Havana to play the Cuban national side, and then a team from Cuba will go to the US to play a return game the following week. 

At this point, the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing comes into play.  Lines are drawn between the US and Cuban officials, and the not so officials, as to where the blame lies for this situation.  Both games are played out in relative peace, and the protagonists assume this will be an end to the sabre rattling.  All appears calm for some months, but Miranda and Jessica are still trying to find out the truth about Manny's abduction.  In the spring, Miranda is invited to attend an important game, and although she risks losing her job to be there, she feels she must in the pursuit of the truth.   

The game is eventful and afterwards, a situation arises at a press conference where lives are in danger, and many revelations are aired about some of the people Miranda suspects of complicity in the crime.  The results are many and far-reaching once this information has gone public, and changes are afoot in high places.

A well written story, both well paced and entertaining.