A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me,

An Impossibly True Story by Samantha Ryan Chandler

Published by Crossbooks

ISBN  978-1-6150-7761-8

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As the title implies, this is a story of the discovery of god by a woman that life was treating harshly.  From an upbringing tainted by an abusive mother, to an adulthood overshadowed by an abusive husband, we read how god became her rock and saviour.

When her husband of over twenty years wanted to divorce her, and take away her children and possessions, god was by her side every step of the way.  After many years of struggling to survive, happily there is a positive ending, and this is partly due to the author's work with sick and damaged children through her foundation Childspring International.

The book is written in a style I can only describe as hasty, as if the need to put pen to paper was more important than grammatical correctness, or indeed a cohesive style of writing.  I understand that many of the events portrayed in the book were harrowing, but with time to reflect on the past, surely the story could have been better presented.  There are many, very many, bible quotations throughout the book, sometimes whole chapters contain nothing else.  The chapter about her marriage breakup and divorce, the longest in the book, goes a long way to explaining the need to write as a means of catharsis, but this is the only chapter that truly tells her story.  This autobiographical work would have benefitted from more details about the author - it is very difficult to gauge the person without knowing basic facts such as age, likes and dislikes, which would help the reader to better understand the character of the writer.

This book will be of interest to abused spouses and religious zealots, but will not be to everyone's taste.