Loving Healing Press (2011)
ISBN 9781615990306
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (8/11)

In the first chapter Lynda Bevan explains “this book will identify the many aspects and meanings of the word ‘forgiveness’ and will attempt to enable you to understand exactly how being able to forgive someone is a basic, essential, necessary process in your life.”

Bevan further states “The focus of this book is ‘forgiveness in adult relationships.'"  Indeed, it is a book for healing adult relationships. And, it certainly is one for those that have experienced various negative emotions/feelings and lived through the trauma/drama to get to the place of wanting self-awareness and healing the past. Any age group or relationship, whether it be young or old, married or divorced, same-gender or heterosexual, parent or child, or even platonic friendships, will find Bevan's simple method of much benefit to start the forgiveness process.

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In the beginning of the book Bevan, in a gentle voice, helps the reader understand what forgiveness really is and why we need to forgive. She claims that we aren’t able to “move on” if we don’t practice and incorporate forgiveness into our lives.   Personally, I completely agree with her. Sometimes forgiveness is the only medicine that will heal emotional unrest.

Once the reader fully understands the necessity of forgiveness and is willing to start the healing journey Bevan gives a step-by-step process.  Her guidance is clear and direct.

I believe the most important chapter in this book is “Implementing Change.”   The initial process may seem simple enough but the actual change can be a challenge.  Others may trigger negative emotions in us and it becomes easy to slip into the old patterns.  Bevan encourages addressing the feelings by providing a set of questions to ask ourselves. It’s only when we become clear that we are able to truly forgive.  “How to Forgive: A Practical Guide” is an important tool for that clarity.