Master Self-Publishing by Owen O. Daniels

Published by The Small Business Zone, Inc

ISBN  978-0-982-90363-6

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As a writer, who is hoping to one day write something worth publishing, this book will be an invaluable tool in assisting me to reach that goal.  This comprehensive guide to self-publishing, which any budding author should own, charts the process in plain English and easy to follow chapters.  The logical sequence of the information simplifies the task of the reader, and helps to clear up any questions or doubts that they may have about whether or not to self-publish.

After a brief summary of the subject, we get down to the nitty-gritty of what is involved.  Fact or fiction, size, colour or black & white;  these are just a few of the questions you will need to ask yourself.  Then you will need a timeline from writing your book to publishing it, which could run to a year, which may be off-putting for many authors.  Then you will need to obtain an ISBN number, which any book must have if you want to sell it through bookstores or online sites.  Copyrighting is another item on the list to be considered.

The decision about how to print your book is next, and there are a surprising amount of options to choose from.  They range from cheap and cheerful single book prints to complete packages costing thousands of dollars.  This is another point at which second thoughts may emerge, but don't be put off by the figures as there are so many possibilities that there will be an affordable choice out there for you.    Another option could be to publish e-books, an idea which is becoming more popular by the day.  Book reviewing, distribution, libraries, bookstores, advertising, etc. all need to be examined and investigated.  The appendix section of the book collates further helpful information to complement the chapters, and an index draws the book to a close.

This book is packed full of useful and helpful facts, and I will be keeping my copy close at hand.  The subtitle of 'The Little Red Book' will have Chairman Mao turning in his grave.  I am sure his communist doctrine would have thought publishing your own book was a form of self-exaltation to be frowned upon!