Anyone for Ice Cream?
Suzy Watts
Writer and blogger 
By Suzy Watts
Published on 04/13/2011
What is your ice cream personality?

The Ice Cream Theory

The Ice Cream Theory by Steff Deschenes

Published by BookSurge

ISBN  978-1-4392-3005-3


I like ice cream, but not nearly as much as the author of this book!  She has made it a hobby / passion / quest throughout her life.  Steff Deschenes is a young lady with the weirdest tastes in food, and one of two other facets of her life, which will no doubt be covered in greater detail in her forthcoming books.  This book encompasses one of her passions, whilst touching on a few of the others.

The chapters of the book each describe an ice cream flavour, and the friend or family member that particular flavour personifies - in the author's opinion.   Each chapter is well crafted and compares the traits of the flavour with the traits of the person.  The book is well written and describes the author's journey through life using ice cream as her guiding light.  At times, she may come across as slightly obsessive, and I am sure she would be the first to agree with me on this, but she explains her thought process for each comparison very clearly and methodically.

As the book progresses, the over-enthusiasm for ice cream is somewhat explained by the personal stories that unfold chapter by chapter.  This book is written from the heart, with sincerity and warmth, and these are the qualities that shine through page after page.  I was hooked after the first chapter and found that I had many ice cream do's and don'ts in common with Steff, mainly the use of nuts or alcohol as ingredients in ice cream, with the glaring exception of pistachios and rum!  I also found myself concurring with some of her assessments of people and life in general, though I have never thought of comparing the people I have known through my life to any particular food group or type, maybe that would be something to ponder on for the future.

On the whole, an enjoyable book, presenting an insight into the author and her environment, family and friends, and which is presented in a forthright and entertaining manner.  Highly recommended for all ice cream lovers.