Even after much research scientists still do know exactly what causes juvenile diabetes but they do believe it could be a compromised autoimmune system, genetic, or environmental factors that are involved. Author Jacquie Lewis-Camp was diagnosed with this disease at the age of seven in 1969.

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Jacquie, in her book "Blessed Assurance" chronicles her journey from that first night in the hospital to all the trials and tribulations that followed for 33 years until her pancreas transplant in 2000. She went through the whole gamut: insulin, blood sugar monitoring, emotional ups and downs,  retinopathy, kidney failure, dialysis, kidney transplant, and just about everything else imaginable that comes with chronic onset of diabetes.

But, despite all the challenges Jacquie never lost  her faith in God. In the Epilogue Jacquie explains "In my private devotion with God, I  reflected on my two transplants and how only through God's grace could all of this miraculous healing be possible."  She is a firm believer that she is a witness to "God's power and might."  This is a heartwarming story of a beautiful woman. I can guarantee you will be touched in a way that you've never been before.