ISBN 9780595465101

Fortunately for me I found the "notes" at the end of the book before I started reading the pieces in "You, My Love." The notes gave me an understanding that this is "A diary, exactly as it happened.  Without older, married woman, a younger man.  A diary first - a book of poems, second."

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As I am attempting to write this review I keep contemplating on what I've read; where it started and where it ended...and all the emotional roller coasters in between.  Richard Atwood draws in the reader's heart and emotional aspects of the self with each piece of writing. The wordsmithing is incredible and I admire how he is able to portray the feelings in so few words.

I encourage poetry lovers to read this book, not only for the poetry itself but to appreciate how Atwood is able to create a whole journey of love, pain, dismay, separation, wonderment and consolation in diary format.  I just wish I had more words to say to really give this book the justice it deserves.