ISBN 9781587613241

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I've been using self-guided imagery for that past 40+ years and I can attest that it works but like anything else we need to be diligent.  And even more so, we need to accept the end result as our own truth and wisdom.  I've also assisted many others in imagery with remarkable results from completely removing a cancerous tumor to manifesting careers, relationships, and money.
Leslie Davenport in her book "Healing and Transformation Through Self-Guided Imagery" provides interested people the whole gamut:  explanation of how and why it works, history, case studies and guided imagery.  Beginners will find Davenport's book extremely helpful in understanding the basics and incorporating them into their own lives.  Those that already use imagery or professionals that guide others will find additional information to add to their present tools. I particularly liked her encouragement to use imagery with "open eyes."  This dispels the notion that imagery can only be done with closed eyes.

I encourage anyone that is looking for an alternative or to compliment conventional healing or manifestation to consider this book.  Being open to another tool will in itself open up the heart to universal possibilities.