ISBN 9780984199808

Promote Your Book

Oh, how I wish this book was available 35 years ago when I was encouraging my children to "think."  Attempting to come up with activities to promote thinking is challenging enough let alone keep their interest peaked and fun enough to continue and not get bored.  Well, for those that have children, or an educator wanting to come up with new activities, Dr. Maria Chesley Fisk has made it easy.

As I perused the activities I realized that each one has a deeper purpose than just to think.  For example, the "Would you prefer...?" activity asks a series of questions such as "Would you prefer to go for a walk or play a game this afternoon?  What are reasons you would want to walk and reasons you would want to play a game?"  Another activity has the child close his or her eyes and focus on what is the hand.  The child is to guess what it is and describe how it feels.  Some of the items could be flour, vegetable oil, ice, and pine cones.

This book is excellent for teaching children to develop life skills which include thinking and making choices.  Learning  through the series of tools at an early age paves the road for being able to make decisions based on their learned thinking skills as an adult. Stretching and expanding the brain is crucial and Dr. Fisk certainly gives the tools to help the child do so.