I'm one that lives with rescues as well so I felt I was certainly on the same page as Sharon Langford.  We have two rescued Pomeranians, two rescued cockatiels, and a rescued cat and they adorn our lives. (In other words, they rule.) 

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I so enjoyed reading the stories of each dog that Langford rescued and gave a content and happy life to.  But more so, it's the life lessons that the animals gave her that were most enjoyable to reflect on.  As I read each story I was able to reflect on the lessons and parallel them to the lessons I've been receiving from our animals. It ceases to amaze me and angers me when I hear of stories of how some humans treat their animals;  how could they be so cruel and inhumane?  Thank goodness for people like Sharon Langford and so many others that do appreciate their own lives enough to accept that of an animal and give them the love and affection that all species of existence require.  It's the quality of life that matters, and this book will affirm how much it does matter.