The back of the book says "Have you ever felt there was more to your horse than most people presume? If so, you were probably right."  This statement alone captured my attention.  I don't own a horse and my only experiences were my parents owning two work horses as well as going on trail rides.  However, I am an animal lover and do understand that there is more to them than one can imagine.


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Reading this book made me realize that the animal kingdom is certainly one of its own, however, it is also very much in tune with the human world if we just observe and listen. Duaa Anwar has been studying horses for decades and owns a horse of her own. Because of this she is able to communicate on a deeper level with them.


This book isn't a book of facts but it's a book of Anwar's own experiences and that of others.  I enjoyed the writing style because I felt I was right there with her and nothing was boring.  After I finished the book I spent several days reflecting and gaining a better understanding of this animal species.  Horses are often used in therapy and now I know why. I encourage those that don't know anything about horses to read this book - you will certainly have an appreciation like never before.