Eddie DeSilva is on a much needed vacation, sailing solo on his boat. Without warning, a sudden storm blows in and he is thrown overboard, only to be rescued by a mysterious stranger who appears on the deck of his boat. Once they’ve made it back to shore, DeSilva discovers his rescuer has jumped overboard. As it turns out later, the man is wanted for the murder of his wife, a local immigration rights advocate. DeSilva begins to investigate the murder and discovers some facts that just don’t add up. When the suspect is slain while in custody, the new San Diego police chief marks the case as closed but DeSilva continues to investigate.  Things begin to get hairy when Councilman Delgado, a candidate for Mayor who turns out to be the local leader of a drug cartel, is connected to the murder of both the wife and her husband. DeSilva must try and outwit Delgado before he wins the election and implements his plans to expand his drug business.

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