The Great Field: Soul at Play in the Conscious Universe

John James, PhD


This book is timeless, but never more right for our world than now. James writes a compelling, complex, argument for the nature of natural forces to be. I loved this book because it was very, very, deep, yet easy to understand. It is profound, yet simple in the same vein. I found his explanations propelling. Many of us feel that we understand spirituality and the concepts of spiritual growth, letting go, and finding our soul. The essence of life is that Holy Grail- the true meaning of life. James covers many, many aspects of this “great field.” Learn about morphic fields, the Vishnu paradox, and what constitutes the great field. He correlates how energy is relevant to biology and physics, the human brain (the heart brain and cerebral brain). James discusses therapy as transformation on a much more meaningful level than you can imagine. Is in depth transformation possible without the energy of the psyche changing? I particularly liked his comments on conventional psychology in respect to time and space.

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Deeper self investigation is an invaluable tool. The soul is described as the personal aspect of the great field. It is present in the womb. It is and always will be. You will be touched by the photo and story of the newborn twins. One puts his arm around the other to reassure him, he will be fine; that he will survive. What drives this intelligence as newborns…while in the incubator?

The soul incarnates and Karma accumulates in the soul. He describes Karma as “the imprints of life experiences and actions onto the energy field of each soul.” This book thrusts you into your own personal journey and transformation. It will educate you on deep aspects of soul work and spiritual progression. A fantastic contribution to the world of soul searching, of finding inner peace; and ways of uncovering explanations of how the psychics of energy are spiritually applied. This book helps you find your soul. It gives you the information and understanding to pursue how such a great field works. It explains its existence. It bewilders you in a profound and wonderful way. More importantly it explains it relevance to each and every one of us.  This just isn’t a philosophy book; it is an encyclopedia to help you on your journey to your soul. It touches humanity bridging science and the energy worlds. It reminds us of the tender sides of humanity and how to reach within ourselves for more of the goodness in life here and beyond.   I received a complimentary review copy.