The time is the near future. Unemployment in the United States has reached a critical level. Wages have dropped to near meaningless levels. President Winston Dillard asks the Senate to pass the American Employment and Financial Freedom Act of 2010. It will raise wages, freeze prices and close tax loopholes enjoyed by the rich, among other things. Independent Senator Hornbrook from Washington warns that the effects of this bill will be catastrophic but he is ignored and the bill passes easily by nearly a 3 to 1 margin. What the President and Congress don’t know is that things will soon change. Shortly after the bill passes, a group called Tax Equality for All announces they will stop paying income taxes. Hundreds of businesses stop as well and in solidarity with their customers, cease charging sales tax. The result: near bankruptcy of the Federal Government. Chaos reigns across the nation as the President declares martial law. Where will it end and can a solution be found before the country decays completely?

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The Hornbrook Prophecy by Robert Wickes is definitely one novel that should be added to the reading list for all high school civics classes. It is also a very timely novel, considering what is currently going on in our great country. The realism of the plot is almost beyond words. Wickes has taken the events of the last several years and created what very well may turn out to be a very prophetic novel. What with certain politicians suggesting that an armed response may be in order depending on the outcome of the 2010 elections, it is not much of a stretch that the country could degrade into chaos. I highly recommend this book for everyone, regardless of your level of involvement in the political process. I give this book 5 stars.