Sgt. Corrine “Corky” Aleckson is trying to both recover from nearly being killed and prepare for her testimony at the upcoming trial. When the Sheriff’s Department gets a strange call from a local family, Corky doesn’t realize that she’ll soon be in the crosshairs again. The family’s golden retriever has pulled a dismembered leg out of a Wolf Lake. When an additional body is discovered, Corky wonders how many victims this killer may have. Slowly but surely a pattern begins to emerge regarding the victims: they are all virtually identical in their physical features. Now Corky must find and stop a killer before she herself becomes his next victim.

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Buried in Wolf Lake by Christine Husom is the second entry in the sure to be popular Corky Aleckson series about rural Minnesota. This book essentially picks up almost exactly where Murder in Winnebago County leaves off. Husom does an excellent job once again, continuing the lives of the main characters and framing them in such a way that readers will easily relate to them. The plot is again engaging without being overly graphic and is neatly tied up by the time the book ends. This series is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy shorter novels which can easily be read in one afternoon. I would give this book 5 stars.