Deer In My Garden
  Volume 1:  Perennials and Subshrubs
  The Yucky Flower Series
Author:  Carolyn Singer
Publisher:  Garden Wisdom Press
ISBN:  978-0-9774851-0-5

Deer are beautiful, graceful creatures.  Many people watch them with awe and great enjoyment.....unless, of course, you are watching as they devour your garden.  Carolyn Singer shares her vast knowledge of horticulture and landscaping with the reader, along with her personal experiences with ravenous deer.  She spent more than 25 years planting beautiful gardens only to watch the deer picnic on the flowers, leaves, etc.  She decided it was time to experiemnt in her garden and those of her friends and neighbors.  That began her quest to discover what her 3 year old grandson called "Yucky Flowers", yucky to the tastes of deer

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and other wildlife.

Whether you are a novice gardener or an experienced grower, you'll find this book invaluable.  The first chapters cover the very basics of planting, understanding growing culture and planting zones and seasons, as well as different forms of planting and propagations.  The plants in the volume are well described with both scientific and common names, information on the plant characteristics and size at maturity, ideas for companion plantings and much more.

Written in an easy to read friendly style and efficient format, this is a very valuable book for every gardening fan.  It would be a wonderful gift for the novice or experimenting gardener.  I've been gardening for years, and I learned so much from this book.  I plan to keep it among my permanent gardening references; in fact, it is so thorough and well written it will replace several existing references.