“Frame Shifting”:  A Path to Wholeness” 

By David Banner, PhD

ISBN 978-93690-55-2

What is the journey to spiritual awakening like?

Banner shares his path of spiritual awakening. Having been a management consultant, you would think he would be stoic, rigid, “business like”… but I found his writing to be truly that of a free spirit. He takes you on his journey, sharing the higher teachings he received along the way. This book is filled with quotes and passages from other healers and teachers.  That was one of the best parts of this book. It is refreshing to be so close to the wide words of other spiritual giants. His reference to “frame shifting” seems to me to be his his journey to self actualization…the never ending process. Banner shares the ups and downs, the personal, and the professional sides of his life. He brings you into his fold. He willingly shares his mistakes, and how he learned from them. He teaches you to trust yourself. The book is written in a somewhat disjointed fashion as it really is a chronological diary of his experiences. He summarizes many spiritual teachings based on his experience.   He discusses a subject and what happened to him, giving his subjective view of what worked for him, but he does such a broad brush stroke approach of sharing it and then, quickly moves on. He covers such a wide variety of topics, I found myself lost at times.

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He encourages all of us to remove our shackled egos and reach for higher consciousness.  He encourages you to be in the moment. He shares many of his “ah ha” moments with his readers. I applaud his sharing of all these moments with us. The reading is light and I learned about many forms and spiritual methodologies but the book is not written tightly.  It is all over the place. My feeling is that the book is like the e author-- in a sense -- refreshing to learn about someone so passionate about climbing the self awakening ladder. I enjoyed several of the passages from the Dalai Lama, Kahil Gibran, and Mother Teresa.

He identifies frame shifting tools like Network Spinal Analysis, and shamanism that have helped him mentally grow. Once said, he does not elaborate.  This book was really about the author sharing all of the self help tools he has utilized. He describes his experiences with EST, as a shaman, as a Vietnam vet, peace activist, professor, and business consultant. This author is driven and I believe he shares his zealousness and tools so that others may benefit.  He jumped around a lot in his life (so far) and on his spiritual journey…nothing wrong with that. It’s just not a good guidance tool for a novice seeking spirituous enlightenment, but you will respect his drive and his love of the pursuit of it,

 I received a complimentary review copy.