“The Secrets of Medical Decision Making”  by Oleg l. Resnik ISBN 1-932690-17-4

Loving Healing Press


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The western medical system is considered to be one of the best in the world. In who’s opinion? The doctors? Pharmaceutical companies? What about the patients? Our healthcare has become a “system,” a machine driven by costs and profits. Patients suffer needlessly as a result of our economic focus on a service industry. The ethics in healthcare have been replaced with a profit and loss statement. Is it the doctors’ fault? The insurance companies? Where did we as a society drop the ball on improving patient outcomes? This book gets into the nitty gritty. While we all have our own opinions of what is wrong with our health care system, Dr.  Resnik concisely and simply lays out his thoughts supported by case studies, statistics, and a multitude of interesting facts about how the system works…and where it fails us. As a patient, I found this book to be extraordinary and interesting. It brought out what I had felt for years about my own health are. As a professional health care practitioner, it gave me more facts and information to arm my patients with. So, if you are a patient, or in the health care field, you will find this a fabulous and worthy read. He coins the term “medical box’ to describe the compartmentalized thinking and treatment protocols. He addresses many medical diagnostic tests from a patient perspective. Then he layers the societal, physician, and family perspective on top of it. The information is like an ice cream sundae...good right to the bottom of it. His advice is invaluable. Resnik writes about how not to aggravate your doctor with threatening requests… it isn’t helpful, especially for the patient.  He discusses how the drug company reps sponsor CME programs… to who’s advantage?! I enjoyed his discussion on health insurance. It truly is a double edged sword in getting what you want. He points out that you can usually get it, but is it necessary and that often, tests are run needlessly because of good insurance. Contrarily, are tests withheld if you have inadequate insurance? You will have to read it for yourself.

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I liked that he teaches patients how to be their own advocate, and to educate themselves more thoroughly about their diagnosis, testing and patient care. The patient should be involved to protect his interest. Leaving the medical decisions to the machine is dangerous.

This book will wake you up to our medical system. It speaks the truth which isn’t always easy to hear, but in that light it teaches you how too improve your care and that of your family. Don’t pass on this read! He has done a great service for improving patient care by addressing this topic.

I received a complimentary review copy.