The Evolutionary Glitch:  Rise Above the
  Root of Your Problems
Author:  Albert Garoli
Publisher:  Loving Healing Press
ISBN:  978-1-61599-017-7

All human beings share a common trait:  in one way or another, we want to move forward in life, improving ourselves and our situations.  Maybe your goal is emotional improvement, educational, financial, career goals, relationship improvement, or a combination of these and other qualities.  Regardless of our motivation and ambition, something often seems to be holding us back.

Bringing his experience and knowledge of eastern philosophies, ancient age-old wisdom, modern psychology and neurobiology, Dr. Garoli explains our brain's thought processes in a groundbreaking way that makes so much sense and offers a real clarity of the human situation and

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making changes.  His premise:   throughout the evolutionary process of brain development, a superimposed identify is formed.  This identity is referred to as an evolutionary "glitch".  This glitch seems to make life decisions for us.  Use of this book shows you the six major types of personae evolutionarily acquired and how to understand, confront and overcome them.

The writing is easy to understand and the author's style is both motivating and empowering.  A fascinating look at how we function, putting the tools of change easily within our reach.  Very helpful to anyone wanting to make life changes, unsure of why it is so hard to do.  If you have an interest in changing your life, or just like knowing more about how the brain and decision making processes work, you'll really learn alot from this book.  I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in brain function.