Chrysalis "Tribulations"
Larissa Cochran
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By Larissa Cochran
Published on 06/9/2010
Chrysalis: Tribulations is a fantastic read as it is the second book by M. L. Lacy in the Chrysalis saga. It picks up with Aubrey, "Bree" for short settling into her new life as the "Chosen One" although her transformation to the Magical World is still many months away. Esmeralda her arch nemesis has bounties on her life to the highest bidder to get rid of her before the year's end. Bree's powers are growing as she is navigating her way through being the Alpha female of the clan. Bree not only has to contend with the jealousy of Esmeralda but also with the females within in her own clan. The newest members have pushed Madalyn the mate of the Alpha male of the clan Bradley to challenge the decision of making Bree the Alpha just cause she is the Chosen One. So instead of having her family dragged through a court, Bree and the men of her clan have pretend to agree to let Madalyn have her chance at being the Alpha female and hope that she finds out she is not cut out for that role and most likely concede to Bree. As Madalyn goes about making demands and decisions which everyone pretty much ignores, secrets meetings are held with Bree and the men of the clan on what to do to keep Bree and the clan safe while getting rid of the dark creatures who threaten everyone's existence.   Bree also has to learn how to be able to satisfy the men of her clan. Preferably she would only want to be with her one and only Steven her soul mate but with this life there are certain traditions that are to be followed. As the Chosen One she is to have seven men that she is to be romantically involved with and she struggles with the mortal emotions that go with having to share her one and only with the other women of the clan especially with Madalyn and her cohorts but sharing herself with others. She has to learn to compartmentalize each one to keep them separate. Each one brings something different to her. She defines each one as Rick being her passion, Billy being her heart, Bradley is her old romantic love, and Steven her soul mate. At least Bree has a lot of help with guardians, teachers she sees in dreams, and two of the women in the clan who adore her and give their advice to help her along with advancing magical abilities as well as the romantic relationships that have to evolve with the men. Unfortunately, she also has to deal with this nasty demon in her dreams and waking life who is so determined to bring her to the dark side which she has now realized is her ex husband Nick in disguise. Tribulations is a fitting title as Bree struggles with preparing herself to leave the mortal world behind and crossing over to the Magical World to take her rightful place as the "Chosen One" Alpha female leader of the clan. The question is will she be alive to be able to claim it?