In the down turn of the economy as well as being on a budget most of us are wanting innovative ways to stretch that dollar because sometimes the month is just too darn long.  Lisa Sims certainly understands our dilemma and is prepared to give us the way out.

When I  opened the book and started on the first chapter I was surprised to see she was advocating using coupons to " your business money."  It certainly is a money-wise suggestion and Sims makes it easy by giving links to online sites that have coupons.  I did a cursory check of some of the sites and was amazed to see coupons for some of the outlets I frequent.  Just with a few clicks I could save as much as 80%.


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astonishing fact I found was that out of the 26.8 million businesses in the US 52% of them are home-based.  Having a home-based business certainly keeps  your overhead down.

You will just be amazed how much information there really is in this 58-page book!  Personally I had to have an attitude adjustment because I doubted there would be any information in it that I didn't know.  Well, red-faced I take my thoughts back. This is a book that is going to sit on top of my desk and referred to.  And why is that? Because Sims gives concrete, workable, suggestions and links to sites for more information.  That in itself is extremely valuable.  The investment of buying this little book may be the best investment of your life.