Small book, big impact.

I received this book for review the day of the infamous "Tax Day."  How appropriate. Even though I do work with an accountant and use Quickbooks, I still found some of areas referred to in the book that I'm not clear on and need to discuss with him. I also got a deeper understanding of some of the areas such as "Selecting the Best Business Structure."  When I first started my business I qualified as a sole proprietor and remained as such.  After reading Hanely's chapter on this aspect I certainly do have more questions for my own accountant to see if I should remain  in that classification or if there are advantages

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of becoming an LLC or a corporation.  As well, the glossary of terms is extremely helpful.

The best part of Hanley's " Minutes with...A Certified Public Accountant: Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness" is it is extremely concise. What others say in two or three chapter he says in one or two paragraphs.  It's not about how many pages the book has, it's about giving clear, concise information, and that's exactly what Hanley does.  I truly believe this book would be extremely helpful for anyone starting a small business, or in one.  It would positively urge the reader to look at aspects in their own business and discuss them with their accountants.