The answer to the 'age-old' question
Andrea Asay
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By Andrea Asay
Published on 04/8/2010
Review of the book "30 Isn't Old" by Colette Petersen

Does life end at 30?
The book “30 isn’t Old,” by Colette Peterson delves into that ‘age’ old fear. Does life end at 30?
In her book Peterson gathers together a group of women to dispel that myth that thirty is old.
Entering into my twenty-eighth year of life I grabbed this book up to see what opinions Colette had assembled on the big three ’O topic. In her book she tries to answer the main question, “What defines success?”

Peterson has joined women form every walk of life to show that as many different women there are, so are the many different versions of success.  We find women who have chosen career over marriage or the role of mother over it all;  Peterson’s panel come from every aspect of life to share their tales. From the women who married young, to the ones who have yet to find the one. These stories will uplift and confirm any woman’s choices that she questions if they were the right choice.

This collaboration gives the reader various ways to look at what a successful life before thirty can look like. She challenges the world view of being a winner and turns it on it’s head with these strong women’s stories that  defend the choices they have made.

 Does a  baby define success? A successful business, someone grounded in faith, a survivor? These roles all have their own level of accomplishment. Will there be regrets? Peterson doesn’t pretend that will not happen. Instead she urges us to celebrate our own definitions. Colette Peterson leaves the reader with a sense of triumph and the truth that life doesn’t end at thirty, it is only just the beginning.